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Targeted Email

Deliver your message to potential consumers’ inboxes

Reach an extremely niche, highly targeted audience right in their inbox with Amplified Ag’s permission-based, targeted email marketing campaigns. Layer targeting data sets such as gender, race, age, income, location, hobbies and lifestyle interests. Our consultants will work with you to identify the appropriate targeting, messaging, and timing of your email campaign to help reach your marketing goals.

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Make An Impact On Your Ideal Audience

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Responsive Email Designs

We’ll create a responsive design for your email that is mobile-friendly and professional-looking to maximize your message and reach your goals

In-Depth Reporting

Detailed tracking will help you measure the effectiveness of your campaign so you can make informed decisions about your next email campaign

Responsive Development

Mobile browsing has officially overtaken the desktop; we’ll build your website with device-responsive technology to ensure your site works great on all devices

Opt-In Database

Our massive database of opt-in email addresses is updated daily and is scrubbed frequently to guarantee quality and high response rates

Targeted Email vs. Direct Mail

With email marketing, you’ll know exactly how many people opened your email and clicked on links to your website. That’s better than direct mail where you’ll never know if it was thrown out. With no printing or postage needed, email marketing cuts costs and waste — making it a fiscally and environmentally responsible choice.

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Intro to Inbound Marketing

Intro to Inbound Marketing

Consumers are constantly bombarded with unsolicited advertisements. With pop-up ads online, inboxes full of spam emails, and commercials in the middle of YouTube videos, the current mass marketing techniques have become over-saturated. Consumers are now opting to do...

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Replace Resolutions with SMART Goals

Replace Resolutions with SMART Goals

Setting goals is important for any business, but there’s a difference between just setting a goal and creating a goal with actionable steps to help you achieve it. Simply saying you want to increase your email list in 2022 sounds good, but it’s lacking structure and...

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