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Showing at the top of search result pages increases your odds of being chosen over your competitors. Amplified Digital is a Premier Google Partner and Bing and Yahoo Accredited Professional. Our team researches the most relevant keywords that apply to your brand, products and services, and monitors these keywords to optimize your search performance. Through this constant research and campaign optimization, we capitalize on the areas of growth to raise your ROI through generating website traffic, phone calls, and lead conversions.
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Consumer Intent

Keyword targeting allows advertisers to target searchers in specific parts of the conversion cycle who are ready to purchase

Geographic Targeting

Unlike radio or TV advertising, PPC can target users in many geographic areas, including as small as a 1-mile radius of your location

Auction Based

Advertising is not sold in flat rates, but in an auction system. Advertisers bid against each other and only pay when a click occurs

Device Targeting

As searchers use more devices, PPC allows advertisers to cater customized messages to users on different devices

Flexible Budget

PPC is a pay-as-you-go model, meaning budgets can be started and stopped at any time, based on what works for your business


Dayparting allows advertisers to adjust bids, pause ads, or show extensions such as phone numbers within specific time frames

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Intro to Inbound Marketing

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Replace Resolutions with SMART Goals

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