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In our first year with Amplified Ag, we nearly tripled our webpage traffic, more than doubled our click thru rate and significantly reduced our cost per click, without increasing our overall budget.


Sioux Falls, SD
Company Confidential

When we started working with the Amplified team several years ago we had not done any SEM and knew little to nothing about Programmatic Display advertising. The Amplified team took the time to educate us on these technologies and helped us create a program to test the waters in these types of advertising. We were able to learn as we went and, as we saw positive results, we continued to build on it a little more each year. They have continually kept us updated on new technologies and new opportunities. Each year we have been able to review what’s working, make adjustments, and add items that made sense for us. Most recently this included incorporating video ads into the mix. We have been very happy with the service and results we have seen from our digital advertising program with Amplified.

Dana Thompson
Scott Borgwardt

Advertising Specialist
Marketing Communications Manager
Kuhn North America, Inc.

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Who We Are

Amplified Ag

Amplified Ag is a full-service digital agency and part of Amplified Digital with expertise in executing digital campaigns in all business categories, but primarily focused on agriculture and agricultural companies. We are able to optimize toward the ag audience based on experience and with an understanding that agriculture is not just a job, but a lifestyle. Our goal is to help your business successfully navigate through an ever-changing digital landscape. We understand that you create your business to be successful with a specific product, service, or goal in mind, not to become digital media and advertising experts.


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Premier Partners

Premier Partners

As Premier Google Partners, and Bing & Yahoo Accredited Professionals, Amplified Ag is held to the highest quality standards when it comes to our website development, search engine optimization, pay per click, display ad, and video tactics.

49 Markets

77 Markets

Amplified Ag penetrates 77 markets across the United States, working side-by-side with various brands – large and small. Your success is our success, and our goal is to help you create an effective, diverse campaign to drive real results.

Amplify Your Brand

Amplify Your Brand

Your brand should have a strong online presence. Amplified Ag works with you to define your goals, and to create, plan and execute a customized and affordable strategy to Amplify Your Brand.

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