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Reach your customers instantly and directly

The strength of text message advertising is undeniable due to the nature of delivery to such an important personal device. Over 200,000 texts are sent every second and have an astonishing 98% read rate – 90% within three minutes of sending. Text message ads are particularly effective because it is a permission-based activity. Customers must opt-in to receive a text message before they can receive a marketing text message. This means that when a business launches a text message ad campaign, contacts receiving it are already interested in what the business has to say.

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Quick, Easy & Mobile

Sending a message is as easy as posting to social media. Log in, create your message, and hit send or schedule for later – all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Reach Customers Directly

Sending customers a direct message is the fastest way to reach them and can be supplemented by other advertising to build lists.

Transparent Reporting

See how many customers received your message, how many new customers you gained, how they want to receive messages (email, SMS, MMS), and engagement of your message.

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