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Targeted Display

Reach potential consumers on desktop, tablet & mobile

Targeted Display, also called Programmatic, allows you to place your message in front of potential customers where they spend time online, utilizing targeting segments such as demographic information, website category, browsing behavior, and search habits. Amplified Ag leverages data from publishers and readers, paring it with data from third-party websites across a massive network to target your message to the best possible audience. Your campaign is optimized in real time, and can be modified at any time to suit your company’s changing needs.

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Show your ad to those in your target geographical area

Site Retargeting

Reconnect with people who have recently visited your website as they browse the web

Demographic Targeting

Reach your target demographic by narrowing your advertising audience by age, gender or household income

Contextual Targeting

Your ads will appear on pages with content that matches keywords or phrases related to your business

Site Category Targeting

Get your message in front of a specific audience through relevant content on specific types of websites

Behavior Targeting

Reach people whose online behaviors show their interest in specific products, services or industries

IP Targeting

Enhance your direct mail campaign with a digital message or reach users in a highly specific geography

Dynamic Creative

Combine hyper-local targeting and dynamic creative to serve messaging based on the viewer’s current location or the weather

Youtube TrueView

Place your commercial before videos, or your display ad adjacent to the video player on YouTube

Video Network

Use geo and demographic targeting to achieve a higher level of engagement with your audience on our video network

Mobile Geo-Location

Tap into smartphone GPS combined with an ad display network on thousands of mobile apps to reach potential customers based on their precise location history

Mobile Geo-Fencing

Serve your message to users on apps and mobile sites within a radius of a GPS location or pre-set boundaries

Targeted Tablet

Reach your audience on the go and at home in a highly interactive, engaging environment designed specifically for tablet users

Captive Audience

Target your message to reach specific locations, such as at farm shows, competitors’ businesses, conventions, auctions, trade shows or field days.

Site Direct

Target your message on Lee Agri-MEDIA owned and operated sites

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